Flavours & Fillings

We have many different flavours and ffillings......these are some of our favourites:-

Ask us for our new luxury range of decadent cakes with Callebaut Chocolate in many flavours such as

Black Chocolate with a dark ganache

Rich Chocolate sponge with a creamy ganache

Dreamy Chocolate sponge with hints of intense orange. mint and or berries and cream

Caramelia of white chocolate with creamy caramel

Chocolate sponge with oranges and dark chocolate ganache

Vanilla sponge with local honey drizzle and honey butter cream

Hummingbird cake ffilled with bananas, pineapple, a hint of spice and crunchy peacans ffilled with mascarpone cream cheese icing

OR dream up your combinations as follows:-

  • Vanilla Cake....deliciously moist and ffilled with many different flavours from organic raspberry jam to toasted almond praline to yummy homemade salted caramel
  • Chocolate Cake ....made with luxury imported chocolate for the real chocolate flavour
  • Luscious Lemon Cake...made with fresh lemons and homemade lemon curd and crushed meringues
  • Red Velvet Cake... the famous American sponge with mascarpone cream cheese icing
  • Coffee and Pecan Cake..real espresso coffee and a creamy cappuccino ffilling,....coffee heaven
  • Moist Carrot Cake....brimming with fresh carrots, pecan and pineapple with a hint of spice and with mascarpone cream cheese ffilling
  • Luxury Fruit Cake....our own secret recipe, packed with fruit, nuts and a touch of brandy.
  • Chocolate Orange Cake...made with f and a zingy lemon orange butter cream
  • Hummingbird Cake.....with mashed bananas, pecans and cream cheese icing
  • Tiramisu Cake ....with mascarpone cream cheese and biscuits soaked in fresh espresso with a hint of brandy


We have many different ffillings......these are some of the favourites or let us help you create something decadently divine....

  • Delicous Imported Chocolate butter cream, great with chocolate, orange or vanilla
  • Chocolate Ganache either plain, white or dark imported chocolate wonderful with all sponges
  • Homemade Lemon Curd with crushed meringues for that  zing,  Delicious with Vanilla sponge
  • Chocolate Fudge.... yum with chocolate cake
  • Salted Caramel with chocolate or vanilla mmmmmm......
  • Cappuccino butter cream pairs with coffee and pecans
  • Mascarpone cream cheese is perfect with Red Velvet, Carrot and Hummingbird cakes
  • Honey butter cream pairs with Vanilla sponge,
  • Organic raspberry jam coupled with vanilla butter cream and Vanilla sponge
  • Vanilla bean paste butter cream goes well with all the cakes
  • Fresh or frozen berries, dependent upon season, such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries and  paired with many different flavours with rose, lavender and lemon
  • Almond Paste a must with Fruit cake
  • Fondant covers all flavours and gives that smooth stylish look
  • Poppy Seed and Orange with cream cheese icing